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The risks of buying a piano off the web

C.Bechstein tuning 23-10-14 001

When you are looking to buy a piano off the web where it is offered for sale from a private seller there are a lot of things that can cause you problems if you do not get advice. "Recently Tuned" is a favourite phrase used in ads as it only means what it says and does not give any idea of the overall condition of the piano.

While there will always be good pianos offered for sale in this market it is not sensible just to go on appearances alone as so much of a piano is hidden within the cabinet that you can not see the interior or if you can, do you know what you are actually looking at? Some things which come to light after people have bought and then had the piano moved to their homes include rusty strings, broken or patched up tapes, pedals loose or out of place, play/lost motion in the action and usually a piano below "concert pitch" or A440.

Where possible and what is somewhat against the benefit of piano shops you should engage a piano tuner/technician to advise you on the actual playing condition and tuning standard of the piano you are interested in. Sending for the tuner when you have bought and taken delivery of the piano is not ideal as on many occasions they will have to tell you that the piano is "past its best".

Another thing to consider is that if you deal with a piano shop you will have a guarantee, delivery and an after delivery tuning as standard with most dealers. These are worth contemplating  as you think about what to do as price/saving money in the short term can sometimes lead to more than expected costs afterwards as if you have issues with the piano you have no comeback with the seller.

So before going out on the internet to find a "bargain" talk to a dealer or tuner and get some general advice and if they are fair they will not want to see you "getting stuck" with a families old piano. In the end piano dealers are interested in promoting pianos and their services and want to build an on going relationship with customers into the future.

If you want some guidance or advice call us and have a chat.

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