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Piano Tuning Dublin

The regular tuning of your piano is as important as buying your piano after you put so much thought into its purchase. Our team of experienced and skilled tuners will ensure that your piano is always maintained at the correct standard which will make playing on your own or with people playing other instruments an easy and enjoyable pleasure.


Piano Tuning with Jeff Thornton of Thornton Pianos Ireland Pianos which miss out on a regular tuning drop below concert pitch (A440), so if you or your children are learning to play with the assistance of a piano teacher, your piano will not be correct and you may experience some issues when you come to identify notes during a piano exam.

Our tuners can also ensure that even though you may not have bought your piano from us once you book a tuning you can be assured that there will be an improvement in your pianos sound and performance after their call. Most piano tunings take 1.5 to 2 hours on site and all experienced tuners will tune” by ear” and not use a machine as the human ear is a delicate piece of equipment which is “finely tuned” to hear scales and octaves. Whether your piano was new or reconditioned when bought it still needs an annual tuning to keep it at the correct standard.
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