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Piano repairs & reconditioning Dublin

Most pianos have a lifespan of around 100 years from their date of manufacture and even with regular tuning they will need a reconditioning at least once in that time. Reconditioning is the full servicing of the pianos action, key frame, pedals and any other performance related issue which requires attention. This process is carried out in our workshop by our skilled piano technicians and returns the piano to the original and correct playing and tuning condition.

Piano Repairs with Thornton Pianos Ireland The other aspect of piano reconditioning involves the cabinet where all old and faded polish is removed and the woodwork is given a new lease of life with the application of “French Polish” by hand bringing out once more the beauty of the timber. As furniture trends also change over the years it is also possible to transform a pianos appearance by changing the colour from Brown to Black as an example which can suit a modern setting.

The reconditioning process can ensure that a much loved piano which has been part of the family for many years can be passed down through the generations and continue to provide many hours of enjoyment and fond memories. A simple visit by us to examine the piano in your home or location can provide  you with the information to consider reconditioning the “old piano “ in the corner as a serious option and not have to go out to purchase a replacement. Call us to discuss your piano and what options we can offer for your pianos improvement.

Just completed the reconditioning of this piano for a family in Dublin. Fully repolished the cabinet, serviced the action and tuned the piano here in my workshop. The piano was built in 1955 in England and is an super neat model with many more years of use ahead of it.

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Our services include piano sales Dublin piano sales Ireland piano tuning Dublin piano tuning Ireland piano moving piano repairs piano reconditioning here in our piano shop in Dublin

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