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Removing old pianos

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Sometimes when we are asked to examine a piano for customers we discover that there is a serious problem internally which nobody was aware of. This can mean that there is no option to offer a satisfactory repair and that the piano has reached the end of it's useful life and has to be recycled. We looked at such a piano recently where the exterior was in pristine condition but there was no recent tuning history.

Having removed the parts to do a visual examine of the action and strings all seemed in order until we tried the keys to hear the piano. The sound was very uneven and when we struck the "A" tuning fork and compared it to the "A" on the piano we discovered that the piano was 2 full tones below "A440" and very sour across the octaves. On closer inspection there was a crack running through a line of tuning pins with no grip left when we put a tuning hammer on a pin to test the resistance.

Sadly in this case there will be no sensible or cost effective repair available so the piano has to be removed for recycling of the wood and metal. This is a service which we offer as taking a piano to an approved recycling centre is the same as moving a piano from house to house. Just because the piano cannot be tuned doesn't make it any lighter so the same approach has to be taken when removing from the location.

In order to protect floor surfaces and the general area of the house using experienced piano movers can save a lot of hassle. If you are in a similar situation with an old or piano beyond repair contact Jeff and discuss your needs and options.

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