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Practice makes perfect

Yoda 2

Every so often parents have to chase their children to get them to practice the piano. Buying a piano is at times the easy part of the plan, getting a teacher is then the next step and it is off on the road to piano playing. Children have so many distractions and outdoor interests that finding that all important piano practice time can be difficult.

We have found through our experience that there are many different approaches to encouraging the children to practice but one of the most effective can be using a character they like to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction. That is the reason we posted the picture of Yoda above whose way of turning sentences backwards to send a message has been something many people have latched on to over the years.

Even if they are not into Yoda or other similar characters playing for their favourite toy can also work as they try to impress or even teach the toy to play piano. Piano is all about fun in the initial stages and developing a love and enjoyment for the piano is what should be the main focus. So if your future pianist is reluctant to practice at times rather than insist that they sit down use a clever approach which will in the long run yield results. Best of luck and drop us an email with any of your tips.

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