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Reconditioned Pianos for sale Dublin & Ireland. Yamaha Digital pianos

Due to the current travel restrictions in place we are not as fully stocked as normal as we are not selecting pianos in person in either the UK or Europe. Please call us with your queries.

We will have a number of reconditioned pianos available for Christmas but these pianos will have to be reserved before the 8th of December to ensure their completion in our workshop.

Our pianos are offered for sale with a two or five year guarantees, Jeff Thornton here at  Thornton Pianos is renowned for his expertise in this specialised sector and would be delighted to show you the process pianos undergo in our workshop where Yamaha ,Kawai, Bentley, Baldwin and Weinberg are just some of the brands which have in stock.

We have also now been appointed as stockists of Yamaha Arius & Clavinova Digital pianos which can offer our customers s broader choice of piano options for the particular requirements.

Yamaha U1 & U3 models are currently out of stock.


Samick WG-9C €3,950.00 Sold


This Korean built Samick upright piano in Walnut gloss is worthy of consideration when looking for a quality instrument. It will rival any other brand in quality and sound and will not disappoint any future player.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; H 131cms; W 154cms; D 65cms.

Bentley Modern Mahogany €1,395.00 Sold


A neat modern English overstrung piano with the original manufacturers Mahogany finish is an ideal piano for beginners to more accomplished players. Bright tone and responsive touch also suited to apartment or small room.

Key features; 2 pedals; 85 keys; L 141cms H 109cms D 52cms

Kawai BL 12 €3,995.00 now €3630.00 Now reserved

A superb piano built by Kawai in Japan who are renowned for their quality and attention to producing fine instruments. This piano will provide a wonderful musical experience to anyone who plays it.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; H 121cms; W 150cms; D 57 cms.

Young Chang U-109 €2,250.00 Sold

This neat modern upright piano built by one of the worlds largest piano manufacturers is ideal for anyone looking for quality and craftsmanship in a piano. Finished in Black gloss is is full of surprises musically delivering a clear tone across the range.

Key information; 85 keys; 3 pedals; H 109cms; W 136cms; D 52cms.

Wilhelm Japanese upright piano €2,495.00 Sold to recording studio

A fine robust large Japanese built upright piano in black gloss, this piano will perform equally well in the home or school setting where it provides broad and varied power options. This piano is ideal for a player looking for a piano but does not have the space for a grand piano in their location.

Key information; 88 keys; 2 pedals; H 131cms; W 154cms; D 67cms

Yamaha U1 from €4,635.00 Awaiting new stock for showroom

This U1 is another fine example of Yamaha craftsmanship in piano manufacture, a true quality instrument. A piano for a beginner to an accomplished player or an experienced piano teacher.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; L 153cms; H 121cms; D 63cms.

Offenbach modern upright €2,195.00 now €1,995.00 SOLD

This modern upright is finished in Mahogany gloss and is a fine resonant piano with a responsive touch and full tone particularly in the Bass. An ideal option if black is not what you are looking for in the cabinet finish.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; L 143cns; H 107cms; D 55cms.

Bentley English upright €1,995.00 2021 special offer 25% discount now €1,595.00


This compact upright piano finished in Satin Grey is an alternative to the standard Black or Brown traditional piano finishes. Fully reconditioned here in our piano workshop this piano is both a sound instrument and a stand out piece of furniture. This piano has a matching piano with storage for music books.

Key information; 85 keys; 2 pedals; H 109cms; L 136cms; D 54cms.

Yamaha U1 €4,150.00 Sold awaiting new stock

This Yamaha U1 which is one of the most sought after pianos in the market can be played and experienced here in our showroom. Fully restored here in our workshop this piano will not disappoint any player looking for a quality piano for their needs.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; L 153cms; H 121cms; D 63cms

Earl Windsor W112 Deluxe €3,350.00 Sold

This Earl Windsor upright piano is finished in black gloss and offers a quality alternative to the other prominent piano brands from Japan. Built in Hamamatsu the centre of piano production there it is a piano suitable for all standards and musical preferences.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; L 154cms; H 124cms; D 62cms

Yamaha W112B (U1 size) €4,375.00 Sold

This Yamaha upright piano is finished in a Brown Walnut gloss and is similar in all regards to the standard Yamaha U1. Pianos of this quality from Yamaha in a non black cabinet finish are very rare so this piano is likely to sell quickly.

Key information; Keys 88; 3 pedals; L 151cms; H 121cms; D 61cms

Yamaha U3 from €4,995.00 awaiting new stock

The U3 upright from Yamaha is without doubt one of the finest piano models every designed as it can provide a varied range of tonal options for any player. It is also suitable for many different piano requirements from teaching, recording studio, home or concert use.

Key information; Keys 88; 3 pedals; H 131cms; L 154cms; D 65cms.

Kawai KDX-500 €3,950.00 Sold 2021

This superb Kawai upright finished in Mahogany gloss a piano to grace any location, with its quality touch and tone this piano will not disappoint any player.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; H 124cms; L 151cms; D 61cms

Yamaha U1 €4,075.00 Sold awaiting new stock

The U1 models now available in our showroom are quality pianos suited for a variety of uses and locations. These pianos will provide many years of enjoyment and help a music student to accomplish great results.

Key information; 88 keys; 3 pedals; H 121cms; L 152cms; D 63cms.


Schiller UP 108 overstrung piano €2, 800.00 Sold 2021

This superb 2006 modern piano finished in Black gloss is all any player can look for in a compact piano. The piano comes with the original matching stool and a 5 year warranty.

Key Information; H 108cms; L 146cms; D 55cms

Reconditioned pianos from €1,350.00

A range of reconditioned pianos previously sold by us or traded in against an upgraded model.

Key information; H 125cms; L 143cms; D 59cms.

Barrett & Robinson English overstrung €1,400.00 Sold

This fine upright piano was originally sold by us in 1997 and was bought back from our customer and prepared for further use. Finished in Brown Mahogany with a traditional cabinet.

Key information; H 121cms; W 142cms; D 57cms

Barnsall upright piano €750.00 Sold 2021

This piano finished in Black French polish is an ideal piano for anyone starting out on the piano with an easy touch and good clear tone.

Key information; Keys 85; Pedals 2; L 137cms; H 117cms; D 59cms.

Bentley overstrung piano €1,650.00 Sold 2021


This compact 1955 English overstrung is a fine example of quality and craftsmanship in a piano. Finished in light Mahogany it will fit nicely into any location.

Key information; Keys 85; Pedals 2; L 137cms, H 109cms; D 54cms                                                                            

Kawai HA-30 piano for sale €3,750.00 Sold

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Call us for more information on all our pianos

The services from our piano shop include piano sales for Dublin piano sales throughout Ireland piano tuning Dublin piano tuning Ireland piano moving piano reconditioning here in our piano shop in Dublin. Call 014660323

We are now approved stockists for the Yamaha Arius and Clavinova digital piano ranges.

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