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Does the piano have a lock ?

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A question which some recent customers asked was "Does the piano lock?". This query came from a school who wanted to ensure the piano would not be accessible when not in use for lessons and from a family with young children who didn't want them to have uncontrolled access and potentially damage it.

Most pianos built up to 1950 did have locks fitted at the time of manufacturing as a standard feature but as pianos became more streamlined in their cabinet style locks were no longer fitted particularly to modern style cabinets. Locking a piano can reduce the possibility of any damage being caused where someone has the intention of using the piano in an incorrect fashion.

If you think that locking a piano at certain times is necessary this will limit your choice of piano as nowadays piano locks have vanished in all but a few cases and not all of those pianos would be your first musical choice. There are other things that can be retro fitted in schools and other public venues in order to protect the piano from misuse and these offer a high level of security for a piano.

Our range of pianos on display here do contain many quality piano options both with and without locks and as mentioned if chosen we can offer a means of adding a security feature to most pianos for you. The sight of a welcoming piano keyboard is an obvious attraction for people to try and play a tune or melody and this encourages use and respect for a piano.

We understand that a piano can be an expensive purchase and that ensuring it is used in the correct and proper fashion is foremost in both the home or school and any other public forum. This requirement of yours to be able to lock the piano is something which we can assist you in and we can show you many options which may suit.

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