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Piano covers

piano cover 1           piano cover 2

A piano whether it is a grand piano or an upright piano in certain locations such as schools, universities and hotels should have a protective cover to guard against potential damage. The biggest cause of problems in these areas is a spillage of a liquid of some sort. Once the piano has been affected by a spill the internal damage caused particularly to the action felts can render the piano beyond repair or use.

Placing hot or warm objects on the piano can cause blistering to the finish and leave unsightly marks visible on the case. By getting a cover you can eliminate a lot of issues around protecting the piano as covers create a barrier between any interference by someone trying to get access to the keyboard when they just want to make noise and pretend they can play the piano.

In general most locations will let someone play the piano if they ask as it will be clear that they are not going to do any damage and will respect the piano. Grand piano covers are not expensive but do need to be made to a pattern which requires a visit and measuring of the piano which is part of the service that we provide. If you think a cover for your grand or upright piano is needed contact us for more information.

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