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With children and students settling back into schools and colleges over the next week piano lessons will also make a welcome return. Over many years we have provided quality affordable pianos to a wide variety of players from beginners to those needing to upgrade their pianos to further their studies. Our "stepping stone" approach has been helpful in assisting customers make informed selections from the range of pianos here in our showroom.

Starting out on the piano lessons road can be confusing for parents who may think that by spending a lot of money on a particular make or model that it will make things easier for their children. This is not the case as when starting off you need a piano to allow your player to develop and feel at ease with the new pursuit of the piano. Players need time to settle in to the lessons programme so not overspending on brands is a corner stone of our advice.

Through the years we have had people call into us with preconceived ideas of what they should buy based on well intentioned but slightly misguided advice from family and friends. In most cases we show them our range and explain what the different piano models will provide to their players and after some consideration they choose to follow our advice and go with the piano suggested which usually saves them money.

Our approach gained through our many years experience in pianos has left us well placed to offer pianos of superb quality to everyone looking either to start on the musical journey or to acquire a piano for their more serious studies. In simple terms it can be to your advantage to visit us here and talk through and play the pianos and make an informed selection which is going to provide many years of pleasure into the future. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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