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Is your piano too loud ?

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On occasions we are asked to solve problems or provide solutions to customers around their pianos. In this case we were asked to look at the possibility of fitting a "practice pedal" to a 1930,s overstrung piano so that the piano could be played later in the evening when children have gone to bed.

We visited the customer and took measurements and photos of the piano interior to see how to best approach this for them. In modern pianos the "practice pedal" is controlled by the middle pedal which usually when depressed can be locked in place by moving to the left. With older pianos this option is not available and the pedal has to be worked manually.

So in this case we made a rail with the correct graded felt glued to it and came up with fittings inside the "ends" of the piano to hold the rail in place when needed and where to place when not in use. The rail can simply be moved between the fittings which hold it securely as required and extend the time during the day over which the piano can be played.

This pedal can in general only be fitted to an overstrung piano with an underdamper action and not an overstrung or vertical strung piano with overdamper actions. Call us and lets see if your piano might be suitable to have a "practice pedal" fitted.

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