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Have you had the piano tuned for the exams ?

Kawai tuning photo 3

Piano exams are part of the cycle for students who are learning the piano and they roll around this time of year for a lot of people. The tuning condition of your piano is an important factor in learning as the pianos sound will train your players ear. Pianos are tuned to A440 or "concert pitch" which is the correct standard for music and should be tuned annually to maintain them at that level.

Our team of expert piano tuners will call to your home and tune your piano and ensure that it is in the proper condition for the students as they get closer to the exam date. Call us on 014660323 or email us through the contacts page and our tuners who work in your particular area will call you to arrange an appointment.

Remembering to tune your piano regularly is as important as the effort you put into selecting it in the first place and by having it tuned by our tuners as recommended the piano will provide many years of trouble free use.

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