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Fixing minor problems on school piano

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Pianos in school locations can take a bit of rough treatment over the years and problems can arise which interfere with it's use. We recently went to look  at a piano in a Dublin school which was temporarily out of action in the hall due to minor issues. On examination we noticed that the fittings to hold the fallboard in place were missing so the fall was no longer secure as their original holes were enlarged and the screws had fallen out.

The Bass block was also out of place catching the first key in the Bass with a chasing on the balance pin split causing the key to lie slightly to one side. The pedals also were not functioning correctly and the piano had a lot of play/lost motion across the keyboard causing a falseness in the touch.

All these problems were straight forward to remedy with firstly fitting to new longer screw fittings to the piano which would hold the fallboard back in place and then on removing the Bass block we saw that the support blocks were loose and in the wrong place. By simply regluing them in their correct place it cleared the obstruction from the piano key and we glued and reset the split chasing.

Once the play had been removed from the keys and the pedals adjusted it was a different piano and was performing closer to the way it should. All this took about an hour to resolve and dramatically improved matters to the delight of the music teacher who had been battling with it prior to our visit. The final step was to tune the piano and leave it ready for use and enjoyment.

Sometimes the issues with piano performance in schools are not huge but an experienced tuner/technician can sort them out with not too much difficulty or cost. If your school piano is in need of an assessment contact us to arrange a call, you might be surprised that things are not as bad as you think.

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