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Back in the crane/piano business again


piano lifted by Crane 1
Back in the crane/piano business again this week following an enquiry about installing a piano onto a first floor balcony. Luckily in this case there is only sky above the balcony so the access is fairly straight forward, the piano is currently located in a room on  a ground floor position in a house locally and they want to move it to this apartment as the design provides better sound insulation. I called to look at the area and discovered that it is quite busy with people and cars passing through regularly during the day. The man who provides the lifting  service also pointed out that when large items are being installed in areas to which the general public have access everything has to be done to ensure that they are not inconvenienced.
The process here is to wrap and prepare the piano for transport from the current address and then set it up for the lift on arrival. Weighing in at around 350 kilos the piano is very heavy and will be supported by numerous straps from the crane. Although the lift is "only" from ground to a first floor balcony all necessary precautions are needed to safely lift it over the balcony rail and drop it down onto the piano trolley where it will be wheeled into its new location and reset up and left ready for playing. The whole job will probably take about 2 hours from arrival for collection to the installation in the apartment but it is important to handle and prepare any piano correctly as there are no second chances when this type of operation is undertaken. It now appears that we are the people to talk to when pianos need to be installed in unusual places and it adds a bit of a buzz to a job. In case you are wondering, there was no hope of using the stairs in the building as the return on the stairs was too small and tight to use for any sort of grand piano. I hope to have more photos of the job in action once we get the go ahead.


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