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Another piece of our piano history

009    pigotts delivery docket 002

This Danemann piano currently going through my workshop for a full reconditioning has a very interesting item on the back of the piano. It is a delivery docket from Pigott & Co, Grafton Street ,Dublin 2 on which the address is normally written. With age I can not be certain if an address was written on it but I can't see any.

This piano left Pigotts in the mid 1950,s having been put through their reconditioning process and then sold in their piano department. My father Desmond started working in the piano workshop in 1947 as an apprentice and most likely would have had some part to play in the pianos journey through the workshop.

I have been lucky on a number of occasions this year to come across pianos which went through Pigotts during Dads time working there. He ended his time there in November 1967 when there was a fire and the building was destroyed and the company never reopened.

He opened our shop in 1968 and here I am 46 years later working on pianos for our customers that he would have worked on while in Pigotts. It is fantastic to  come across little surprises like this and it ads to the great enjoyment I get working on pianos. I will post further little pieces of history when I find them on pianos to do with the Dads history and his passing on the love of pianos to me.

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