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A piano with a bit of history

Minx 1   Minx 3

Every so often we come across a piano where we discover a little of its history and this Kemble Minx piano is a case in point. It was built in England in 1949 and was delivered to the piano department in Harrods in Knightsbridge where it went on display and was offered for sale. With the aid of the Harrods stock tag which we found on the rear of the piano we contacted them looking for any information they could supply.

They very kindly came back to us to say that the piano was indeed sold new by Harrods on the 8th of April 1950 to a Mr Robinson of Chester for the sum of £178.6s.8d. It appears that the piano was later bought by another piano company Roberts Pianos of Portsmouth and resold by them to another person. We recently bought the piano in Dublin from a lady who had received it as a gift from a family member but unfortunately she did not have the space in her home for it.

It is part of the fascinating world of pianos that they seem to have a life of their own and can throw up many interesting stories. If you would like to see and play this or any of our other pianos drop in to us here in Baldonnell and see for yourself the range of pianos which we stock.

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