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A Bentley piano

Renault Killarney and bentley 020 Renault Killarney and bentley 021
If you are looking for a quality neat English piano why not consider this Bentley model built in 1952. Bentley as a piano manufacturing company specialised in top quality compact pianos with an individual style all their own. Most notable was their "butterfly model" which had a bottom door design which placed the door directly in the centre above the pedals and then flared out right and left giving the appearance of a pair of wings.

They also used a particular type of soundboard which was registered under the name "Resonoura" and enhanced the tonal quality of their pianos and delivered sound output usually only heard in larger pianos. Allied to this was their "fallboard" design which was similar to the ones used in grand pianos and gave certain of their models a unique characteristic.

The piano pictured above is currently undergoing our reconditioning process which will return the Bentley piano to its original splendour and make it a very attractive piano for your home. The piano will be completed next week but in the meantime if you want to drop in and see it going through the process give us a call or simply drop in when passing.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see and hear such a great example of compact piano design and what can be achieved with proper thought and materials. Hope to see you soon.


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